TPO Review Process for Agents

The following step by step guidance explains what happens when a complaint is accepted for review.


When a complaint is referred to us

We will write to you providing a copy of the complaints form and any documents that you may not have previously seen. You will be given 21 days to submit your company file and a detailed submission letter setting out your version of events.

Upon receipt of your file we will send a copy of your submission letter to the complainant, to provide comment if they wish, before the review of the complaints gets underway.

 Example Submission Letters

 When the case is allocated

The Ombudsman will consider the complaints based on evidence presented to them. The Ombudsman will arrive at their decision by taking into account legal principles, the relevant Code of Practice and what is fair and reasonable in the circumstances presented.



Outcome of the case

The final decision will always be made by the Ombudsman.

We will write to you enclosing the final decision which may include details of the Ombudsman’s award, where appropriate.