When the complaint is allocated

What if I have further evidence?

You have a responsibility to provide all documentation relevant to your defence, at the time of submitting your company file.

If you have further evidence which has not been submitted at this stage, you should contact us at the earliest opportunity.

Please be aware, after we have issued our proposed decision they will not usually consider any documents at the representation stage that you could have submitted at the review stage, as this would not constitute ‘new’ evidence. It is therefore within your interests to provide all relevant documentation at the outset.

How will the Ombudsman judge the complaint?

We will carry out our review based on evidence presented to us. We arrive at our decisions by taking into account legal principles, the relevant Code of Practice and what in our opinion is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.

For agents who do not follow a TPO Code of Practice, we will make a decision based on our best practice guidance and TPO’s general membership obligations.