Complaints Handling

Before we can consider a complaint, a consumer must have first raised their complaint with you and completed your in-house complaints procedure.


If you receive a complaint

You should instigate your in-house complaints procedure as soon as the complaint is received.

Initial Response

Acknowledge the complaint in writing within 3 working days.

Include a copy of your in-house complaints procedure with your acknowledgement.

Explain that a written response will be sent within 15 working days, explaining the outcome of your initial investigation.

Investigating the complaint

It is important to ensure that a full and honest appraisal of the complaint is carried out.

You should respond to all of the complaints raised in writing and advise of any actions that you intend to take. Explain how to escalate the complaint if the complainant is dissatisfied with your response.

Your final response

Your final viewpoint letter should constitute a written statement clearly expressing your final view on all of the complaints raised.

It is important to advise the complainant that they have 12 months to refer the complaint to the Ombudsman from the date of your final viewpoint letter.

What happens next?

Click on the link to find out what happens when the Ombudsman receives a complaint and further guidance and information regarding the Ombudsman’s review process.