When we receive a complaint

What if the complainant has added new complaints when referring the matter to TPO?

Our Terms of Reference exclude us from considering complaints that have not been subject to your in-house complaints procedure.

However, if you believe that the complainant has not already raised a particular complaint, and you wish to comment, please do so within your submission letter. We will take your comments into account during our review.

Why do I need to send the company file?

If you do not send your company file by the deadlines we will continue our review without it; using the evidence we have. By sending us your company file you will be providing us with more information which will help us see both sides of the complaint.

A list of documentation which is commonly used to review complaints is listed here.

If you are experiencing difficulties in submitting your file, please contact us for further guidance.

Does the complainant see a copy of the file?

Documents provided to this office will not be released unless it is fair and lawful to do so. However, we can, where the law permits, provide copies of relevant documents not previously seen by the complainants which we would consider necessary for them to understand the reasons for the decision.

Can I meet the resolution requested on the complaints form?

The complainant may request a resolution which you are willing to agree to or negotiate on. If so, you should contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss this. We can relay your offer to the complainant and, where we consider appropriate, provide a recommendation that they accept the resolution in full and final settlement of all complaints raised.