TPO Staff List

The role of the TPO office is to:

  • Consider and resolve complaints against member agents.
  • Report to the TPO Council.
  • Administer Membership of the TPO scheme (on behalf of the TPO Board).


The following list provides a brief overview of the roles and responsibilities of each staff member at TPO:

  • Ombudsman
    Katrine Sporle
  • PA to Ombudsman & Corporate Secretariat Manager
    Penny Mansergh
  • Deputy Ombudsman
    Jane Erskine
  • Director of Operations & Data Protection Officer
    Amanda Stiggants
  • Director of Human Resources
    Moira Brown
  • Policy Adjudicator Manager
    Peter Habert
  • Operations Manager
    Joanne Beatty
  • Adjudicator Managers 
    Alan Bowers
    Josephine Bailey
  • Adudicator (Legal)
    Kate Chandler
  • Adjudicators
    Aaron Barlow
    Alexandra Wetherilt
    Amy Gibbs 
    Christine Rowland-Jones
    Emma Carey
    Frances Forster
    Gemma Jordan 
    James Cook
    Jennifer Harris
    Kirstie Williams
    Laura West
    Lucy Buckle
    Matthew Tucker
    Maria Evans
    Patrick Lewis
    Simon Goodenough
    Simon Humphreys                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Dispute Resolution Advisors
    Annemarie Simpson-Wild
    Catriona Morrison
    Carole French
    Charlotte Iles
    Laura Crook
    Lynda Cummins                                                                                                                                                                                       
    Nathan Austen                                                                                                                                                                                        Sarah Watson                                                                                                                                                                                         Sophie Bowsher
  • Case Management Officers
    Christina Bundy
    Claire Kirkham 
    Deborah Gray
    Grace Day
    Hayley Simms
    Jack Keeping
    Katherine Moody
    Kirsty Reed
    Stephanie Thompson
    Susan Russell
  • Customer Service Manager
    Debra Aitken
  • Customer Service Advisors 
    Amber Pemberton
    Charlotte Kee
    Chloe Richards
    Janette Moger
    Laura Twigg
    Mark Mallard
  • Customer Service Administrators
    Sharon Musselwhite
    Victoria Stones
  • Corporate Admin Assistant 
    Mona McFarlane
  • IT Systems Manager
    Duncan Balfour
  • Operations and Support Assistant
    Cara Lishman
  • Press and Communications Manager
    Gemma Stacey

TPO Membership

  • Chairman of TPO Board
    Gerry Fitzjohn
  • Vice Chairman of the Board 
    Michael Stoop
  • Director of Finance and Member Services 
    Catherine Pearson
  • Assistant Management Accountant
    Louisa Dawson
  • Finance Assistant
    June Harvey 
  • Membership Team Leader
    Nicole Lake
  • Membership Administrators
    Bob Burke
    Marie Drewitt
  • Membership Compliance Senior Administrator 
    Kayleigh Snook
  • Membership Compliance Administrator
    Tamsin Quayle


Careers at The Property Ombudsman

If you are interested in working for TPO, please visit our Careers page for a list of Current Vacancies.