The Ombudsman's Review Process

The following step by step guidance explains what happens once your complaint has been referred to us and accepted for review.

The Property Ombudsman Scheme's Terms of Reference provides further detail and sets out the principles and considerations we will take into account when reviewing the dispute. The Terms of Reference also explain the circumstances where we may decline to deal with your complaint.

When we receive your complaint form

You will receive written confirmation that your Complaint Form has been received.

If you have sent your Complaints Form and have not received our acknowledgement, please contact us.

Before your case is allocated

We will write to the Agent, enclosing a copy of your complaints form.

We will request their file and a statement describing their version of events.

When your case is allocated

An adjudicator will look at the documentation submitted by yourself and the agent and present a recommendation in a written case review to the Ombudsman or Deputy Ombudsman to make their proposed decision.

Outcome of your case

The final decision will always be made by the Ombudsman or Deputy Ombudsman.

We will write to you enclosing the final decision which may include details of the Ombudsman’s award, where appropriate.