Residential Leasehold Management

This applies to agents who deal in property management work (manage blocks or multiple residential leasehold properties on behalf of the freeholder, leaseholder or residents' management company).

  • Covers the minimum legal requirement under the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013.

  • Please read the following document for full details of the Membership Obligations

  • Residential Leasehold Management is chargeable per company, not per office.

  • For companies with more than 2,000 units per legal entity, there are two options:

    • 1) Register each RLM legal entity managing over 2,000 units. Fair usage policy for up to 3 Ombudsman supported complaints per annum. 4th and subsequent Ombudsman supported complaints attract a Full Review case fee. Annual Membership fee £1265 (ex VAT) / £1518 (inc VAT).

    • 2) Register each RLM legal entity managing over 2,000 units for an annual subscription and all cases would attract a fee for Early Resolution cases and Full Reviews. Annual Membership fee £304 (ex VAT) / £364.80 (inc VAT).

  • The cost of RLM (companies less than 2,000 units per legal entity) annual membership is £258, per company + VAT.

  • You can see a full list of our fees here.

Application Requirements

What You Need:

TPO strongly recommend that residential letting agents obtain Client Money Protection insurance.