Self-Assessment Tool: 

We can consider:

  • Complaints that have been previously raised with the agent
  • Complaints made against agents registered with TPO
  • Poor or incompetent service
  • Complaints which came to the complainant's attention within 12 months of a complaint being issued to the agent
  • Complaints which have completed the agent's in-house complaints process
  • Complaints which are referred to TPO within 12 months of the date of the agent's final response


We cannot consider:

  • Complaints which have not previously been presented to the agent as a formal written complaint
  • Complaints which are being dealt with by a Court or a regulatory body
  • Complaints which require a legal decision or sanction that can only be obtained in the Courts and / or an adjudication of potentially criminal activity or claims of negligence 
  • Frivilous or vexatious complaints 

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About This Tool

We have created this self-assessment tool to guide you through the process you are required to follow before we are able to consider a complaint.