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Please Note: All references to the masculine include the feminine on TPO website and documents.


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Go to View on the toolbar and select Text Size from the menu - this will give you the option of a text size from Largest to Smallest (medium is default).


Go to View on the toolbar and select Text Size from the menu - this will give you the option to increase or decrease the size of the text displayed on the screen.

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The following Access Keys are used on this website to aid navigation. Press ALT and the following number to jump to that link:- 1. Home, 2. About Us, 3. Structure, 4. FAQs, 5. Contact Us, 6. Find a Member, 7. Join Scheme, 8. Links. Press Enter/Return to go to page.

Using ALT+N inserts the cursor in the Name field of the Contact form.


You will need Acrobat Reader to view documents showing the PDF logo. Most computers come with this software preinstalled but, if you do not have it or wish to download the latest version, you can do so from the Adobe website. The software is free.

Adobe also provide a free online tool which converts the content of PDF files to a format that can be understood by most screen-reader applications. The URL of the document can be submitted either via email or web form - and the content is returned, converted either to HTML (ie standard web page format) or plain text. For more information, and full details of how to use this tool, visit their website:

To view Microsoft Word Files download the Microsoft Word Viewer - even if you don't have Word installed.